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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stardate 10690.411

My thoughts for the day…
The Internet and the World Wide Web;
There is money to be made on-line;
Collective, lottery, or the bank;
I am…The Law!
The Internet and the World Wide Web are not one and the same [just as my cardiologist said there is a difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest. Since this is directly related to me, I better know the difference]. The Internet is a global data communications system. It is a hardware and software infrastructure that provides connectivity between computers. In contrast, the Web is one of the services communicated via the Internet. It is a collection of interconnected documents and other resources, linked by hyperlinks and URLs. Why is it we are reminded to back-up our on-line information? Because it is physically sitting in one server somewhere in the world. If there is a disaster there, or even a temporary problem, you cannot access your own information.
NET is how servers commumicate; WEB is your pages and documents.

Even without the commerce of physical objects, there was money to be made on the NET . The Media has one thing over all other forms of mass media, people come to it, instead of buying it. There is no need to advertise for paid subscriptions. And unlike cable to TV and HD to radio, there is no need to pay for an upgrade. It’s the ones that deliver it that are commercializing it. But what they ALL have in common is ADVERTISING!

If 10,000 people were to put $10 a day every day for 3 years into a collective, each person would be guaranteed to have $10,000 on a specified day! minus the collective’s fee. Instead we now have a lottery system where the recipient is random. Or a bank system based on a speculations market dealing in futures commodities with little or no collateral. Decided by a few share holders, not the depositors/investors [OK we are informed every quarter of shareholders’ meetings and asked if we will allow them to be our proxy]. We are literally walking on paper suspended!
      By the way, I regularly put money away in the least liked, and not quite defined as a collective…the IRS! I purposely put more in to get a refund in April.

Laws cover a population defined by a governing body of legislation. It is enforced with penalties for breaking them, fines or imprisonment.
Rules apply to a specified group or property where the maximum penalty may be banning.
Policies are part of any organization, where for example, employees can be terminated.

Being a few things on my mind, this is by no means a professional piece, nor does it follow my style guide;
Comments are of course invited. Items can be added to this later, depending on those comments.
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