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Friday, September 10, 2010


\There is a new TV series called Nikita. It is based on the 1990 French film Nikita, 1993 remake Point of No Return, and the 1997 television series La Femme Nikita.

This time instead of a blonde, the character is portrayed by a half-Vietnamese American actress Margie Q. She was discovered and trained to be an action star by Jackie Chan while in Hong Kong. She does her own stunts. I hope she is not just another pretty spy and lives up to the name Nikita, previously portrayed by Peta Wilson and Bridget Fonda.

About the show…

Alex is a drug-addicted juvenile delinquent who was accused of killing a person in cold blood during an attempted robbery of a pharmaceutical. But she is innocent. Tried and convicted as an adult, her execution was staged. She wakes up in a “white room” and told of her “recruitment.” End intro, similar in all ways to the 1997 TV series. Oh, wait! That was what happened to Nikita [Peta Wilson].

Six years after her “recruitment“, Nikita [Margie Q] escapes Division [Section One, 1997]. Two years later, she resurfaces. Her personal mission is to bring down Division, perhaps by bringing it into the public eye. Division is a secret government funded anti-terrorist organization, working outside of the US Constitution [Section One was joint-European]. Their methods include abduction, torture, assassination, and suicide operatives- sometimes aimed at innocent civilians. Every operative is under surveillance, evaluated, and under the threat of “cancellation.” If you have watched the late ‘90s version, you will see other similarities. There is Amanda/Madelyn “Operations” as well as the tech-geek “Birkoff.”

Besides the intro and the “What has happened to me in the past ten years” monologue she has with a father she never cared for, the show so far is pretty slow on the anticipated action. For the sake of entertainment, there are many things “wrong” with it. Taking trained operatives out by surprise should take only 10 seconds each, anything longer will wear them both out. No surveillance in such a gathering? Nikita didn’t have a series of exit routes? Not a kill-shot by a trained assassin? Really? Other than Margie Q doing her own stunts, and being about the right age for the character, I hope she is given the chance to improve. Charlie’s Angel, she’s not! But at least try to make her better than Jennifer Gardner [Alias] and Piper Perabo [Covert Affairs].

“I am the first recruit to escape Division. I won’t be the last.” Oh, and Alex…she was planted by Nikita to be her inside source.
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